Traffic accident

Every year, there are more than 6,000 traffic accidents with injury in Norway. In the event of a traffic accident, do the following:

Secure the accident site
Park your car safely so that no additional dangerous traffic situations can occur. Turn on warning light/ hazard lights.
Put on a reflective vest and place a warning triangle in good distance of the site.

Try to get an overview of the extent of the damage and find out how many people are involved. All this is important information for Emergency 113 or police.
Is this a traffic accident with high speed, major damage to cars? Damage to windows, overturned cars, triggered airbags and major damage to the car body it indicate there is great possible damage to those involved. Give this information to the Emergency 113 og police.

Call Emergency 113

Call Emergency 113, or Police 112 and provide the information they want. They can advise you on first aid measures.

Give first aid to the injured

Check the injured and give help to the one who needs it most. Take responsibility and leadership – ask for help from others who arrive at the scene. The most important thing is to help people who don’t have free airways or are unconscious.
Stop bleeding and keep the patient warm.

At the scene of the accident

In case of traffic accidents, incurred should stay in the car until they can get professional help.
If there is a risk of fire or new accidents, it may be necessary to move people to safety.
You must be at the scene of the accident until help arrives.

Remember that everyone has a duty to stop and help people who have been injured.