Electrical shock and damage

Electrical injuries are caused by contact with electrical current or lightning. Electrical damage can give external and internal burns, cardiac and respiratory problems and damage to internal organs.

Signs of electrical shock

Injuries with electricity causes often haven’t serious burns to the skin but can provide great damage inside the body. Where the current has gone in and out of the body you can see wounds.


  • Fatigue, drowsiness
  • Fainting
  • Seizures, transient paralysis
  • Heavy breath

Flow of electrical current thru the body can cause a disturbed heart rhythm or cardiac arrest.

First aid

Get an overview of the situation, make sure that the person is no longer in contact with the power source before you approach – remember your own safety! If still in contact with the power source you may get electrical shock even if you touch the person. Turn off the power source or move it with a non-conductive object if it is not possible to turn it off.
Although there are few signs of external damage, there can be serious damage to internal organs. People with power injuries should always be checked and followed up by medical personnel