Crush injuries

A common injury in industry and craft occupations is crush injury. There may be injuries where people get trapped during loading and unloading, accidents with a crane or truck.

Symptoms on crush injury

  • Is the person conscious
    Unconsciousness after a crush injury can be a sign of a serious injury.
  • Does the patient have difficulty breathing
    Difficulty breathing after squeezing can be a sign of serious injury.
  • The person is pale and clammy
    If the person is pale in the face and have damp/sweaty skin after a crush injury, there may be signs of serious injury.
  • Marks on the skin
    If you find marks on the skin or blood leaks after a crush injury to the abdomen and or the chest region, it can be a sign of serious injury.

The person may choose by themselves to sit or lie down, if awake.
If unconscious, place in stable side position. Make sure that the injured person is allowed to breathe.
Your main task is to make sure that the person stays still and calm.
In case of crush injuries to the legs, arms or fingers without visible injuries, you can then check if the injured person can move the injured body part. You only do this where there are no visible signs of damage. If the injured person cannot move the injured body part or lacks feeling below the injury then avoid touching og move body part with the injury.
If it is bleeding, stop it.
All serious crush injuries must always be treated in hospital. Your task is to take care of the injured person and help until the ambulance arrive.