Burns can occur quickly, are very painful and often cause infections. Not all burns will always be visible immediately and the pain may appear after a while. Damage can quickly get worse, so it is urgent to provide treatment.

Burn damage can occur by:

  • contact with flames or hot surfaces
  • hot liquids
  • radiation
  • electrical and chemical damage
  • inhale hot gas, smoke or steam
First aid for burns
  • Cool down the burnt area with lukewarm water – about 20 degrees.
  • Continue cooling with water for 20 minutes or until it no longer hurts

Quick cooling is important, wait to remove loose clothing until you have cooled the burn for a few minutes before. Do not remove clothing or anything else that is stuck to the skin. Keep the person warm and cover the injured area with clean bandages. You can also use a plastic wrap.

You can also have fire bandages in your first aid kit or backpack. In the event of a burn, they are placed directly on the burn area and there is no need to cool down with water.

For minor burns you can go to the nearest emergency room. In the event of major burns call Emergency 113.
All burn-injuries to the face or airways must be treated by healthcare professionals. All burns to children must be treated. You should call Emergency 113 for any such injuries.


20 degrees

20 minutes