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When you need to report an incident or accident, there are several phone numbers you can call. In Norway, we have three emergency services: Fire department, Police and Healthcare/Ambulance. All emergency services have their own emergency number. It is important to know that no matter which of these three you call, you will get help.

Fire Department 110

The fire brigade has emergency number 110 and you should call in case of fire and major accident. You should also call 110 for major chemical spills and other acute contaminants. If the situation is not acute, call a regular telephone number at the Fire department service located in your area. This number is different for different areas, and you must find the exchange that applies to your municipality.

Police emergency number 112

Emergency number 112 is a common European emergency number that works in all EU/EEA countries, and in Norway this is the emergency number for the police. You can call 112 even if you lack mobile coverage from your carrier, if you have a broken SIM card or missing the card, or no money on your prepaid card. However, this presupposes that there is mobile coverage from at least one operator where you are located.

Call the Police on telephone 02800 if the situation is not acute.

Medical emergency telephone 113

This is the center that coordinates ambulances, air ambulances and emergency doctors outside the hospital.
You must call 113 for all serious and acute incidents where life and health are in danger.

Emergency room

For less serious incidents you can call the Emergency Room 116 117
All municipalities in Norway have an emergency service for immediate health care around the clock. Call 116 117 to get in touch with the Emergency room in the area where you are staying.

Occupational health service (BHT)

Many companies have an agreement with the occupational health service (BHT) to help with minor injuries and incidents. Notification procedures should be known at your workplace.

eCall – car accident alarm service

eCall is a common European emergency notification system for warning of traffic accidents. The system is install t in all passenger cars and light vans from 2018. The Fire service’s 110 emergency are the reception center for eCall in Norway. The Fire emergency 110 ensures that other emergency services are notified as needed, such as ambulance.

If a car with eCall ends up in a traffic accident, eCall is activated automatically and the system dials the emergency number. In addition, it is sent over a set of data, such as facts about the car and where it is located, so that the required emergency services respond quickly. You can also call with eCall manually: press and hold the red button in your car. You will receive guidance via a voice.