First aid can save lives

Everyone can end up in an emergency. It may be workrelated accident; to break your leg on a hike or to be involved in a serious traffic accident. The first few minutes after an accident occur is important. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. The most important thing is that you give help.

Just having a simple knowledge of first aid is important, and you can help save lives.

In this course you will learn the most basic first aid. We go through several different modules, which together give you good insight into first aid for several different type of incidents. After you have finished the course it’s a good time to check that your the first aid kit is in order, and that you have what you need. You may also want to carry out a simple first aid exercise, for example on your workplace.

Not all types of first aid and incidents are covered in this course. It may be that you have a job or hobby that makes you need more first aid training, or specialized first aid training. In this course you will see videos, and we give you a few links where you can download more information about first aid. You will also have the opportunity to test your knowledge at the end of the course.

 Good luck!


Call number 113 for medical emergency when you think it is urgent, and the situasjon are a treath to life and health.

Own safety

Assess the surroundings

The most important thing is your own safety. If something happens to you, there may be no one else who can help. You must consider your own safety before approaching the accident site. Look around for dangers. Get an overview of what may have happened before you go to the scene of the accident and injured.

Therefore, consider your own safety first

  • is there a danger that you will be hit by cars?
  • objects that can fall on you, can you slip?
  • is there a danger of fire or explosion?
  • is there a exposed power cord or danger of electric shock?

It all depends on the situation. Try to understand what has happened and consider whether you can safely approach the accident site and the injured person. Sometimes you have to wait for professional help because it is too dangerous to help. When an emergency occurs, call 113. They will also help you assess the situation.